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Fiber Optic Sensors Dissolve in the Body was created

For the first time, researchers have fabricated sensing elements known as fiber Bragg gratings inside optical fibers designed to dissolve completely inside the body. The bioresorbable fiber Bragg gratings could be used for in-body monitoring of bone fracture healing and for safer exploration of sensitive organs such as the brain.

Malaria: Dye kills Parasites at Immense speed

Research shows that the dye methylene blue is a safe antimalarial that kills malaria parasites at an unprecedented rate. Within two days, patients are cured of the disease and no longer transmit the parasite if they are bitten again by a mosquito. This discovery was made by Radboud university medical center scientists and international colleagues during a research project conducted in Mali. The results will be published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases 

Researchers Move Closer to Solving Mystery of Complex Neurological Condition

A multidisciplinary team of scientists has identified in a mouse model OTUD7A as the gene within the deleted region that accounts for many characteristics of the human condition . The researchers also discovered that deficient in the gene Otud7a have fewer dendritic spines , small protrusions involved in neuron communication, which might be related to the neurological deficits.

By Using Quantum Chemical Methods, Solves Mystery of Biochemistry

A team of researchers solved one of the oldest puzzles of biochemistry by Using quantum chemical methods. They uncovered why there are 20 amino acids that form the basis of all life today, even though the first 13 amino acids generated over time would have been sufficient to form a comprehensive repertoire of the required functional proteins. The study has published in the journal PNAS.