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Zika Causes Undetected Fetal Brain Damage

Zika virus may cause significant damage to the fetal brain even when the baby's head size is normal, according to a study published in Nature MedicineThe damage, which can be difficult to detect even with sophisticated brain scans, may also occur in children infected during early childhood and adolescence, the researchers warn.

Eye-Head Coordination in 31 Space Shuttle Astronauts

In this study, researchers determined that in between 1989 and 1995, NASA evaluated how increases in flight duration of up to 17 days affected the health and performance of Space Shuttle astronauts. Thirty-one Space Shuttle pilots participating in 17 space missions were tested at 3 different times before flight and 3 different times after flight, starting within a few hours of return to Earth.

Zika Became more Dangerous, Nebraska discovery

University of Nebraska-Lincoln virologists have identified a Zika mutation that may help explain why the virus became more lethal during outbreaks that sickened tens of thousands of people in the Caribbean, South America and the United States in 2015 and 2016.

Sustained Healthcare for Offenders Achieved through GPs

A new study has reported that General Practitioners (GPs) can make a positive contribution to supporting access to healthcare for an under-served population by facilitating more flexible and less formal access arrangements, by using their relationship skills, and by problem-solving.