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Leprosy In Morocco Has Declined By Preventive Drug

Since 2012, the number of cases of leprosy in Morocco has declined by more than 16 percent per year. That change can be attributed to the implementation, beginning in 2012, of single dose rifampicin as a preventive to spread leprosy through households; researchers report in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases this week.

Research Finds Opioids May Help Chronic Pain

In a study published today by the  Journal of the American Medical Association  ( JAMA ), McMaster University reviewed 96 clinical trials with more than 26,000 participants and found opioids provide only small improvements in pain, physical functioning and sleep quality compared to placebo.

The New Way To Cut The Power Of Tumors

Instead of tackling tumors head-on, an international team of researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and the Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc in Amsterdam has chosen to regulate their vascularization by intervening with the cellular receptor that is explicitly overexpressed in tumor blood vessels.

Deadly Marburg Virus Found In Sierra Leone Bats

Scientists have discovered Marburg virus in fruit bats in Sierra Leone. This is the first time the deadly virus has been found in West Africa. Five Egyptian rousette fruit bats tested positive for active Marburg virus infection. Scientists caught the bats separately in three health districts: Moyamba, Koinadugu, and Kono.