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SLU Researchers Explore How Fetal Exposure to Inflammation Can Alter Immunity in Newborns

Saint Louis University researchers are studying how fetal exposure to inflammation can alter immune responses after birth. Joyce Marie Koenig, M.D., professor of pediatrics and molecular microbiology & immunology at Saint Louis University, and a SLUCare neonatologist at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital is the recipient of a $412,500 grant from the National Institutes of Allergy & Immunology.

Hearing Loss Linked With Increased Risk For Premature Death

A new study links hearing loss with an increased risk for mortality before the age of 75 due to cardiovascular disease. Researchers at the Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health found that mortality among those with hearing loss is elevated, particularly among men and women younger than age 75 and those who are divorced or separated. 

Potential Benefits of cEEG Monitoring For Infant ICU Patients

A recent retrospective study evaluating continuous electroencephalography (cEEG) of children in intensive care units (ICUs) found a higher than anticipated number of seizures.

The work also identified several conditions closely associated with the seizures and suggests that cEEG monitoring may be a valuable tool for helping to identify and treat neurological problems in patients who are 14 months old or younger.

A Potential New Way Of Treating Sepsis

Australian emergency doctors are at the forefront of a large clinical study to assess how clinicians are treating sepsis. Funded by the Emergency Medicine Foundation — Australasia (EMF) and the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation, the study will help clinicians better understand how patients in Australia and New Zealand are currently managed and could lead to a potential new way of treating the life-threatening illness.