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UK Redesigns Health Policies For Men

UK health policies should be redesigned to become more accessible for men, according to a new report by the Work Foundation. Terms such as 'mental health' risk alienating men, so services should be marketed differently and as part of targeted, gendered campaigns to reach men at the greatest risk of poor physical and mental health.

Malaria: Protection, A Matter of Balance

A balanced production of pro and anti-inflammatory cytokines at two years of age protects against clinical malaria in early childhood, according to a new study. The results also indicated that early exposure to the parasite does not affect the risk of developing the disease, although it could affect the parasite-specific immune response later in life.

Magnetic Nanosprings Effective in Anticancer Therapy

A team of scientists from the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) and Korea University (Republic of Korea) obtained cobalt and iron nanosprings with unique combined magnetic properties and long-lasting elasticity that may be used to develop nanorobots, nanosensors, new types of memory, and targeted drug delivery agents (specifically, for anticancer therapy). The article was published in  Nanoscale.

Zero Gravity and Its Effects on Brain Elaborated

NASA has made a commitment to send humans to Mars by the 2030s. This is an ambitious goal when you think that a typical round trip will anywhere between three and six months and crews will be expected to stay on the red planet for up to two years before planetary alignment allows for the return journey home. It means that the astronauts have to live in reduced (micro) gravity for about three years – well beyond the current record of 438 continuous days in space held by the Russian cosmonaut Valery Polyakov.

A New Anatomic Structure in The Ankle is Described

According to the guidelines of human anatomy, the ligaments in the ankle are grouped by two ligament complexes: The first is the lateral collateral ligament in the side of the joint formed by three independent ligaments. The second is the medial or deltoid collateral ligament. In this new scientific study, the UB research team defined a new anatomical structure in the ankle, the lateral fibulotalocalcaneal ligament complex (LFTCL).

Topical Ropivacaine: Effect on Endotracheal Tube During Emergence From General Anesthesia

Topical anesthesia with ropivacaine has been reported to attenuate extubation response in hypertensive surgical patients and by trans-cricothyroid membrane injection. But in genrenal population and with other mode of administration, the effect of topical ropivacaine anesthesia was not clear. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether topical ropivacaine anesthesia can increase the tolerance to the endotracheal tube to facilitate early and rapid recovery of surgical patients (enhanced recovery after surgery, ERAS) post-thyroidectomy.

Neglect of India’s Tribal Healthcare Highlighted

One hundred and four million tribal people, accounting for 8.6 percent of India's population, are heavily marginalized and discriminated against. Not only are tribal communities socio-economically othered by the mainstream Indian populace, but they also face a host of structural inequalities, with access to healthcare being one of the biggest.