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Keeping Phosphorus Under Control to Improve the Quality of Patients with Renal Failure

The FGF23 (Fibroblast growth factor 23) hormone originates in the bone to communicate with the kidney, whose duty is to excrete excess phosphorus that the bone detects. Its main function is bone-kidney communication to eliminate phosphorus , but what happens when the person has renal failure and kidneys that do not work in addition to an impaired excretion ability? The failing kidney is unable to abide by FGF23

Gun Store Owner Voters To Expand Medicaid

Standing outside the gun shop she co-owns, next to her SUV sporting "NRA" on the license plate, Christy Perry pledges full support for President Donald Trump. "He is doing a good job," said Perry, a four-term Republican member of the Idaho legislature who has voted for a litany of conservative causes, including weakening labor unions, restricting abortion and boosting charter schools.