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Attacking RNA With Small-Molecules Drugs

Yale has developed a way to target RNA with small-molecule drugs, creating a new method for tapping into a vast number of biological mechanisms critical to metabolism and gene expression.

"There is tremendous interest in targeting RNA with small molecules," said Yale biochemist Anna Pyle, whose lab conducted the research. Despite this potential, there has been limited progress on the development of small-molecule drugs that bind RNA, and a pervasive view that RNA is not a viable therapeutic target.

Survey Uncovers Delay In Diagnosing Bone Cancer

A survey undertaken by the Bone Cancer Research Trust (BCRT) has revealed a diagnosis of breast cancer patients. The survey of 394 primary bone cancer patients, survivors, and bereaved families showed that one in four patients (26%) had waited over seven months before receiving a diagnosis with 13% waiting over a year

Birth Mode Effects on Neurodevelopment, Findings

Cesarean-born mice show altered patterns of cell death across the brain, exhibiting a greater nerve cell death than vaginally delivered mice in at least one brain area, a finding by Georgia State University that suggests that it may have effects on human neurodevelopment that may lead to long-lasting changes in the brain and behavior.

Human Cells can Dissolve Damaging Protein Aggregates

The formation of protein complexes is a highly organized process that does not begin with the "finished" proteins. Researchers demonstrate that they form in a coordinated way when the protein subunits are synthesized.

Our findings fundamentally alter our understanding of how biologically active protein complexes form in the cell. The study was published in  Nature 

Biosensor Advances Diverse High-level Production of Microbial Cell Factories

A research group presented a novel biosensor which can produce diverse, high-level microbial cell factories. The biosensor monitors the concentration of products and even intermediates when new strains are being developed. This strategy provides a new platform for manufacturing diverse natural products from renewable resources. The team succeeded in creating four natural products of high-level pharmaceutical importance with this strategy.