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Association Between Weight Trajectory, Health Status, And Mortality In Older Women

Studies describing the effects of weight loss on health rarely consider age. However, weight loss during middle age likely has different effects on your health than does weight loss when you're 65-years-old or older especially when you're older than 85.

Although some studies have found that weight loss in older adults is generally linked to an increase in illness and death, researchers say that these studies were either too short or were based on information that may have been interpreted incorrectly.

Surgery in Kidney Cancer Eliminated with a Simple CT Scan

A simple CT enhancement measure is able to differentiate a benign form of kidney cancer from an occasionally lethal subtype of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) with virtually 100% accuracy, sparing patients the need for either partial or full nephrectomy to ascertain which type of tumor is present, new research shows.The study was published in the August issue of Clinical Cancer Research.