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Effect Of Vitamin D3 And Periodontitis In Developing Type 2 Diabetes

Research has identified how vitamin D3 and periodontitis influence Type 2 diabetes. They found increased odds of developing Type 2 diabetes among people with gum disease who are also lacking in vitamin D3.

The study, published in BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care. Participants were over the age of 30, and health interviews and physical measurements were conducted in-home and at a mobile examination centre.

Risk Factor For Atopic Dermatitis Is Increased Skin pH

According to a study, researchers examined the acidity of the skin appears to be significantly higher in atopic dermatitis (AD) patients than in controls without the condition, indicating that increased skin pH may heighten the risk of developing AD.

Skin pH protects against outside microorganism and bacteria colonization, as well as helps adhesion of nonpathogen bacteria on the skin. Acidity plays an important role in maintaining skin barrier permeability and homeostasis, as well as stratum corneum desquamation and integrity/cohesion.

Global Seeks On Managing Dementia Symptoms

New research which brings together the views of the world's leading experts has concluded that non-drug approaches should be prioritized in treating agitation in people with Alzheimer's disease. They provided more specific guidance on the management of behavioral and psychological symptoms in people with Alzheimer's disease. The study was published in International Psychogeriatrics.

Viral replication Suppression With The New HIV Therapy

In a study, a new HIV drug reduced viral replication and increased immune cells in individuals with advanced, drug-resistant HIV infection. Used in combination with existing HIV medications, the drug is a promising strategy for patients who have run out of effective treatment options, the researchers said. The study, co-authored by Yale assistant professor of medicine Brinda Emu, M.D., was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.