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Drug Problem in Bangladesh Requires Collective Solutions

Bangladesh and other UN Member States made public commitments to jointly reduce abuse, illicit trafficking and the harm that drugs cause to societies. To tailor measures to the specific needs of children, youth and other vulnerable members of society. To make parents more supportive, social environments healthier and education and vocational training equally accessible. There was one unequivocal appeal: “Put People First.”

Tendon, Ligament Damage Studied USing Bioinspired Imaging Technique

Tommy John surgery, or reconstruction of the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) in the elbow, has been dubbed an epidemic among Major League Baseball pitchers. A mechanical engineer at Washington University in St. Louis plans to develop a bioinspired imaging technique to study how damage accumulates in the UCL during loading, or the stress of activating the ligament. This could provide insight into what is progressively happening to these soft tissues when pitchers throw fastballs dozens of times during a game.