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Scientists Decode How HIV Evades Our Immune System

Scientists from Trinity College Dublin have discovered how the HIV virus evades the immune system, paving the way for new therapies for the infection that affects millions of people worldwide. The study, published in EBioMedicineshows that HIV targets and disables a pathway involving a number of biological molecules that are key in blocking viral activity and clearing the infection.

Anatomy Of Olivocochlear Efferents in Humans About Clinical Relevance

Olivocochlear efferents allow the central auditory system to adjust the functioning of the inner ear during active and passive listening. While many aspects of efferent anatomy, physiology and function are well established, others remain controversial. The auditory nervous system is continuously sensing and interpreting the sounds around us. Our ears operate as the sound detectors, transducing acoustic pressure into auditory nerve action potentials, and coding the characteristics of sounds appropriately for further processing by the central auditory system.