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Video Monitoring: Simulation-Based Quality Improvement Program in India

To provide facilitators the ability to conduct video-guided debriefs and measure changes in technical and nontechnical skills of mentees, we developed a large-scale video monitoring system that evaluates both simulations and debriefs in Bihar, India.

The aim of the overall study was to examine changes in technical and nontechnical skills in simulated clinical scenarios in a large-scale quality improvement project. This article describes the feasibility and design of the video monitoring system and the coding process.

Spine Deformities: Innovative Robotic Spine Exoskeleton for its Characterization

Researchers have invented a new Robotic Spine Exoskeleton, a dynamic spine brace that enabled them to conduct the first study that looks at in vivo measurements of torso stiffness and characterizes the three-dimensional stiffness of the human torso.

This device may solve current bracing limitations and lead to new treatments for children with spine deformities such as idiopathic scoliosis and kyphosis.

Inter-generational Transmission of Holocaust Trauma

More than 70 years since the end of World War II, there are still signs of intergenerational transmission of Holocaust trauma that are manifested in the way adult offspring of Holocaust survivors care for their elderly parents, according to a new study by researchers at Bar-Ilan University.