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Antibiotics binds to ribosome, disrupts protein synthesis

Researchers established the discovery of a new class of antibiotics that may be effective in treating drug-resistant infections. A newly discovered antibiotic binds to the ribosome for disrupting protein synthesis. Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago and Nosopharm, a biotechnology company based in Lyon, France, are part of an international team reporting on the discovery of a new class of antibiotics. The study was published in Molecular Cell.

Public Health System: Revitalization Required, Experts Advice

India’s economy is soaring and is now the world’s envy, but its healthcare system remains an Achilles’ heel. For millions of people, the high cost of treating illnesses continues to undermine economic progress. This is largely on account of India’s dilapidated health care system: a major symptom of the dire lack of funding. India ranks poorly in international rankings on most health indices.

To test IAP and Vertebral column length Were Predictors of Spinal Anesthesia

In this observational study, researchers examined the parturients with increased physiologically intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) and short stature; a greater cephalad spread of spinal anesthesia is often observed after a fixed amount of plain bupivacaine is administered. Therefore, we designed this prospective study to test whether IAP and a vertebral column length (VCL) were predictors of spinal spread in parturients undergoing a cesarean section.

Insights Into Treating Blood Disorders including Sickle Cell Anemia

Discovery by Scripps Research scientists may offer insight into treating blood disorders such as sickle cell anemia. In a new study, Velia Fowler, PhD, and her lab at The Scripps Research Institute report that a protein called myosin IIA contracts to give red blood cells their distinctive shape.

The findings, published this week in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, could shed light on sickle cell diseases and other disorders where red blood cells are deformed.