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Children with Neurogenic Bladder Requires Urine Culture

According to a new research, scientists explain that in children with neurogenic bladders who require clean intermittent catheterization (CIC), Enterococcus bacteria may grow in urine culture without pyuria (pus in the urine typically from bacterial infection) or positive leukocyte esterase

Research Reveals The Mysteries Hidden In DNA

Columbia University researchers have developed a computational tool that shines a light on the genome's segments. With this tool in hand, scientists can get closer to understanding how DNA guides everything from growth and development to aging and disease.

Fluorescence microscopy with ultraminiature lensless FlatScope

According to a new study, researchers have developed flatscope, a thin fluorescent microscope whose abilities promise to surpass those of old-school devices. Lenses are no longer necessary for some microscopes. They described a wide-field microscope thinner than a credit card, small enough to sit on a fingertip and capable of micrometer resolution over a volume of several cubic millimeters.This study was published in Science Advances.

Management of the Multiple-Ligament Knee Anatomy with physical examination

A study examined the management of multiligament knee injury is a complex process starting with the adequate identification of the injury. A detailed physical and radiographic examination with a thorough understanding of knee anatomy is crucial to assess all damaged structures: anterior cruciate ligament, posterior cruciate ligament, posteromedial corner including the medial collateral ligament, and posterolateral corner including the lateral collateral ligament.