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Deep Ocean Minerals Might Improve Hemodynamic Response

A new study by an international team of academics, including a senior lecturer from the University of Derby, has shown that drinking a supplement containing deep ocean minerals could provide significant benefits to middle-aged men both during and after intensive exercise.

To Analyze The Risk Of Oropharyngeal Cancers

Research team will analyze computerized images of tissue samples for patterns which could become "biomarkers," or predictors, for determining relative risk for recurrence in one particular common type of head and neck cancers. Those tumors, known as oropharyngeal cancers , occur primarily at the base of the tongue and in the tonsils .

A High-Energy Breakfast Leads Better Diabetes Control

A new study examined that patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes, a meal schedule that includes a high-energy breakfast promotes weight loss, improves diabetes and decreases the need for insulin. This study shows that, in obese insulin-treated type 2 diabetes patients, a diet with three meals per day, consisting of a big breakfast, average lunch, and small dinner, had many rapid and positive effects compared to the traditional diet with six small meals evenly distributed throughout the day.