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Risk of Measle Disease Fly into US

According to a new study, the researcher describes that vulnerable persons who have not been vaccinated for measles and have been through airports in Newark, New Jersey, Detroit, and Memphis this month are being warned about the possible risk of measles by the health officials. They have announced that two air passengers from overseas were confirmed to have had measles and were traveling via these airports.

Use Of Urinary Catheter Among Hospitalized Patients In The ED

A study examines the incidence, rationales, related factors and outcomes for changing from appropriate catheter placement to inappropriate use among hospitalized older patients in the emergency department. Catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) is one of the most common healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), accounts for 34% of all HAIs and is associated with significant morbidity and excess health care costs.

A Little Trouble Hearing Is At A Higher Risk Of Injuries

A new study reveals an increased rate of accidental injuries are associated with self-reported, poorer hearing adults, with leisure-related injuries being most notable among those respondents. Those with "good" or "a little trouble" hearing were at a higher risk of work-related injuries. While many factors can contribute to accidental injuries, the relationship between them and certain sensory impairments, such as hearing loss. The study was published today in JAMA Otolaryngology.

To Treat Type 2 Diabetes To An Increased Risk For IBD

According to a new research, a linking dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitors used to treat type 2 diabetes to an increased risk for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is prompting investigators to urge monitoring of patients for gastrointestinal symptoms and to suggest substituting the drug with a different antidiabetic in patients at risk for the autoimmune condition.