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Spectroscopy Has Been Developed from The Silver Nanoparticles

Researchers team from the University of Hyderabad in India has enhanced molecular detection at low concentration levels by arranging nanoparticles on nanowires to develop Raman spectroscopy. Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) uses electromagnetic fields to improve Raman scattering and boost sensitivity in standard dyes such as R6G by more than one billionfold. As medicine and pharmacology investigate nanoscale processes, it has become increasingly important to identify and characterize different molecules

High Risk Of Diabetes Determined In Blacks

The study found that both blacks and whites face the similar risk of evolving diabetes when all biological factors for the disease are considered over time. The finding flips long-held beliefs that there is an unexplained or genetic reason why blacks have double the rate of diabetes linked to whites by midlife, which is considered early onset. This study was published in the journal JAMA.

Complex Genetic Interactions Identified by Rank Order

Applying new math, Kristina Crona, an American University assistant professor who researches in the area of mathematical biology, and her colleagues show how ranking pathogen mutants can help scientists understand how mutants evolve to resist drug treatments. This line of research could have implications for the treatment of diseases that can resist drug treatments, such as HIV and malaria.