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An Outbreak Of Listeria In South Africa has Jumped Beyond 60

According to this study, researchers revealed the death toll from an outbreak in South Africa has jumped beyond 60 in the past month, which causes the disease had been detected. Since monitoring of the outbreak began last January, 720 laboratory-confirmed cases of food poisoning due to the disease, also known as listeriosis, have been reported from the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD).

Study Founds Gut Evolutionary Origin

An investigation of the embryonic development of sea anemones, a very old animal lineage, researchers have now come to conclusions which challenge the 150-year-old hypothesis of the homology (common evolutionary origin) of the germ layers that form all later organs and tissues According to a 150-year-old hypothesis, all tissues and organs in our body derive from one of three germ layers that are established during early embryogenesis.