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FDA Approves First Drug to Treat Inherited Breast Cancer

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the use of Lynparza (olaparib tablets) to treat certain patients with inherited and metastatic breast cancer who have a "BRCA" gene mutation, making it the first drug in its class (PARP inhibitor) approved to treat breast cancer. Patients are selected for treatment with Lynparza based on an FDA-approved genetic test, called the BRACAnalysis CDx.

Aging: UZH leads the largest research

The international research network behind the DO-HEALTH study suggests that one or all three of the affordable and well-tolerated interventions (simple home exercise program, vitamin D supplements, Omega-3 fatty acids) would have an enormous public health impact by enabling senior adults to live a long healthy and active life.

Little Foot And Anatomy

Little Foot is the only known virtually complete Australopithecus fossil discovered to date. It is by far the most complete skeleton of a human ancestor older than 1.5 million years ever found. It is also the oldest fossil hominid in southern Africa, dating back 3.67 million years. For the first time ever, the completely cleaned and reconstructed skeleton was viewed by the national and international media.