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Brain Wiring Diagrams Created With The aid of New Technology

Caltech researchers have developed a method to easily see neural connections and the flow of communications in real time within living flies. The work is a step forward toward creating a map of the entire fly brain's many connections, which could help scientists understand the neural circuits within human brains as well. The study is published in the journal eLife.

Medical Council of India: Poorly regulated council could soon be defunct

The Medical Council of India (MCI), a statutory body set up to maintain high standards of medical education, has always been in thick of controversies. It is poorly regulated and is allergic to change. Under MCI, doctors regulate doctors, even though self-regulation is often difficult. It is also rife with corruption. For instance, in 2010, former MCI president, Ketan Desai, was arrested for accepting a bribe of R2 crore from a medical college.

Dengue: Low and Slow Approach to Replication

A new study reveals how dengue virus manages to reproduce itself in an infected person without triggering the body's normal defenses. Duke researchers report that dengue pulls off this hoax by co-opting a specialized structure within host cells for its own purposes, like a lazy roommate sneaking bits of his laundry into the communal wash.