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A New Way To Rejuvenate Inactive Old Cells; Study Found

Research team led by Professor Lorna Harries, Professor of Molecular Genetics at the University of Exeter, has revealed a new way to rejuvenate inactive senescent cells. Within hours of treatment the older cells started to divide, and had longer telomeres, the 'caps' on the chromosomes which shorten as we age. The study published in the journal, BMC Cell Biology.

Antibody Alleviates Symptoms in a Rat Model of Neuromyelitis Optica

Neuromyelitis optica (NMO) is an autoimmune disease associated with NMO immunoglobulin G (NMO-IgG). A cure for NMO remains elusive. Researchers recently assessed the efficacy of anti-repulsive guidance molecule-a (RGMa) antibody in treating NMO. They found anti-RGMa antibody delayed the onset and attenuated the severity of clinical symptoms of NMO, suggesting that humanized anti-RGMa antibody is a potentially valid therapeutic approach for NMO.

Microgravity May Effect the Circulation, thereby Improving the Astronauts Health

According to a Western researcher, a little more time on the treadmill may be just what the doctor ordered for Canada's astronauts battling microgravity's effects on circulation. Kevin Shoemaker, Associate Dean of Research in the Faculty of Health Sciences, said his group's new findings can improve astronauts' health and may also help understand and prevent falls among frail elderly people on Earth.