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'Heart-on-a-chip': Drug Testing speedened

Testing new clinical drugs' effect on heart tissue could become quicker and more straightforward, thanks to new research. The study sets out a new, faster method for manufacturing a 'heart-on-a-chip,' which can be used to test the reaction of heart tissue to external stimuli.

College branding makes beer more salient

Major beer companies have rolled out marketing campaigns and products that pair beer with university colors, mascots, and logos. The research published in Psychological Science shows that such campaigns may enhance the motivational significance of marketed beer brands, especially for students who identify strongly with their university. The researchers conclude that this effect could potentially increase underage students' alcohol consumption.

Tracing Cell Death Pathway Points to Drug Targets

University of Pittsburgh scientists are unlocking the complexities of a recently discovered cell death process that plays a key role in health and disease, and new findings link their discovery to asthma, kidney injury, and brain trauma. The results, reported today in the journal Cell, are the early steps toward drug development that could transform emergency and critical care treatment.

Paper-based Test to Diagnose TB

In a new study reported in the ACS Sensors, scientists have developed a colourimetric sensing strategy employing gold nanoparticles and a paper-based analytical platform for the diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB). By utilizing the surface plasmon resonance effect, they were able to monitor changes in the colour of a gold nanoparticle colloid based on the effects of single-stranded DNA probe molecules hybridizing with targeted double-stranded TB DNA.