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Zika Virus: Repurposed Drug found to be Effective

In both cell cultures and mouse models, a drug used to treat Hepatitis C effectively protected and rescued neural cells infected by the Zika virus — and blocked transmission of the virus to mouse fetuses. Researchers say their findings support further investigation of using the repurposed drug as a potential treatment for Zika-infected adults, including pregnant women.

Study Sheds light on How the Intestine Repairs Itself

The U.S researchers have gained new insights into how the small intestine repairs itself after the injury caused by intestinal rotavirus infection. Their findings have led them to propose that how the intestine repairs itself seems to depend on the type of damage, and they found that triggers are actually essential for repairing the virus-caused injury. The study appeared in Cell Reports.

Lymphoma Linked to Risk for Breast Cancer

A new study published in JAMA Oncology reports that for women who have survived Hodgkin's lymphoma, the risk for subsequent estrogen-receptor (ER)–negative breast cancer is nearly six times greater than for the general population. The study also found that the increased risk for ER-positive breast cancer is not as significant and is primarily associated with the previous radiotherapy.