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Timestrip aid to fight Rabies in Africa

Timestrip® – the UK-based developer of ‘smart indicator’ technology – has provided self-adhesive temperature monitoring strips to Malawi to ensure that canine rabies vaccines are maintained in their ‘Goldilocks zone’ – neither too hot nor too cold. The easy to use indicators can be deployed as a low-cost alternative to thermometers in both storage fridges and field cooler boxes.

Single Cell Analysis Finds New Immune cell Precursor

Scientists used single-cell transcriptome analysis to identify a hitherto unknown precursor for a poorly understood subgroup of killer T cells that are primarily found in humans with chronic viral infections. The detailed analysis of the entirety of transcribed genes in more than 9,000 individual cells also revealed an unprecedented level of heterogeneity. The study findings published in the Science Immunology.

To Estimate The Effects Of SCT, Healing In Patients With Nasal Polyposis

In this study, researchers have estimated the effects of Spray Cryotherapy (SCT) on management of healing in patients with nasal polyposis who undergone functional endoscopic sinus surgery. Nasal Polyposis is a benign tumor in nasal or paranasal mucosa, which confronts difficulties in management of healing after treatments with surgery. The aim of this study Nasal polyposis (NP) is a subgroup of chronic rhino sinusitis family which is defined as swellings, inflammation and discharge of nasal or paranasal mucosa.