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Road-distance to Primary Care Facilities Linked to Stroke Mortality

As the role of primary care physicians play an important role in controlling risk factors for coronary heart disease and stroke, the team hypothesized that longer road-distance to a primary care physician, which may be linked to poor primary care accessibility, may be a significant risk factor for death from stroke and/or ischemic heart disease. However, a new research has reported that longer road-distance to a primary care facility may increase the risk of stroke mortality.

Skin microbiome relates with disease severity in Adult Atopic Dermatitis

According to this study, researchers examined a relation between skin microbiome and filaggrin gene (FLG) mutations propose a possible association between skin microbiome and host genetics. To assess skin and nasal microbiome diversity and composition in patients with AD and compare with healthy controls, and to investigate the microbiome in relation to disease severity and FLG mutations in patients with AD.

Muscles And Body Tone Are Attractive Than A Thin Female Body

According to a new study, researchers Frances Bozsik of the University of Missouri-Kansas City in the US, beauty pageant winners tell us that thin female bodies are still rated as attractive. However, US women's perceptions of what constitutes the perfect female figure have evolved in recent years to a "thin and toned" ideal. The study published in Springer's journal Sex Roles.