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Tax Legislation can Harm Health Care, Internists say

The repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)'s individual mandate that is included in the tax reform legislation will cause tens of millions of Americans to lose health insurance coverage, according to the American College of Physicians (ACP). The repeal will also cause premiums to rise sharply and insurers to pull out of the health insurance marketplaces. Americans want improvements to their health insurance system; they want more people to be covered at more affordable prices. However, the legislation passed by Congress will do exactly the opposite.

Blood Vessels Build A Strong Heart; Study Found

According to a study, researchers conducted a small but not insignificant number of babies are born with hearts whose muscles are spongy and thin, although exactly what causes that condition isn't clear. Now, Stanford biologists think they may have found a clue: spongy heart muscles could be the result of improperly developed blood vessels surrounding the heart. The study published in Nature Communications.

Stem Cell Therapy: Researchers find New Method to overcome Major Challenge

Researchers have discovered a new technique that overcomes one of the major challenges of stem cell therapy. A drug, co-created by UBC researchers, might overcome one of the major challenges of stem cell therapy – their tendency to differentiate, becoming specific tissue cells too early and too quickly. If the drug works as well as it did in lab mice, it could help bring new stem cell treatments closer to reality.