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Former elite athletes live longer than their brothers

On average, former elite athletes survive longer than their brothers. In addition, their self-rated health and health-related habits are better in comparison to their brothers at an older age. This was clarified by Master of Health Sciences (Sports and Exercise Medicine) Titta Kontro from the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä. The study included in total 900 former elite athletes and their brothers.

Mystery polio-like illness revealed

A major review by UNSW Sydney medical researchers has identified strong evidence that a virus called Enterovirus D68 is the cause of a mystery polio-like illness that has paralyzed children in the US, Canada, and Europe. 

Association Between The Serum EPA: AA Ratio And Cancer Risk

According to this study, Hisayama Study is an ongoing, population-based epidemiologic study in the town of Hisayama, which is in a suburb of the Fukuoka metropolitan area on Kyushu Island, Japan. Whether the intake of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) or arachidonic acid (AA) affects the risk of cancer remains unclear, and the association between the serum EPA:AA ratio and cancer risk has not been fully evaluated in general populations.

Timestrip aid to fight Rabies in Africa

Timestrip® – the UK-based developer of ‘smart indicator’ technology – has provided self-adhesive temperature monitoring strips to Malawi to ensure that canine rabies vaccines are maintained in their ‘Goldilocks zone’ – neither too hot nor too cold. The easy to use indicators can be deployed as a low-cost alternative to thermometers in both storage fridges and field cooler boxes.