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Babies Crawl; Stir up Clouds of Bio-Gunk

When babies crawl, their movement across floors, especially carpeted surfaces, kicks up high levels of dirt, skin cells, bacteria, pollen, and fungal spores, a new study has found. The infants inhale a dose of bio bits in their lungs that is four times what an adult would breathe walking across the same floor.

Relationship between selenium levels and the risk of laryngeal cancer

According to this study, researchers conducted observational studies between selenium status and the risk of laryngeal cancer. Selenium is an essential trace element which is a cofactor for several antioxidant enzymes, and as a result, there has been much interest in the potential health benefits of adequate selenium status. Epidemiologic evidence is still emerging with respect to the full spectrum of the health benefits associated with selenium status.

CSA in a Human Model; Researchers Shown

In this study, researcher’s new experimental model of a CSA in a primate was reported; only the blood supply to the brain from the donor body was re-established; the spinal cord and the continuity of other organs were not restored. This experiment was designed to confirm that deep hypothermia can protect the brain and preserve brain function after re-warming during cephalic exchange.