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Biomolecules Folds And Helps In Understanding The Functions

According to a new study, Proteins are fundamental macromolecules for life, with a diversity of functions, like acting as channels through cellular walls, catalysers, DNA benders, etc. When it comes to these functions, what matters is the layout of the secondary branches, made up of each protein's amino acids, such as alanine, glutamine, arginine, phenylalanine and tyrosine. This study was published in EPJ D.

Study Identified; Odors Face Risk Of Dementia

Study found that While 78 percent of those tested were normal correctly identifying at least four out of five scents about 14 percent could name just three out of five, five percent could identify only two scents, two percent could name just one, and one percent of the study subjects were not able to identify a single smell.

Molecular Taxonomy For Hair Disorders Developed By Researchers

Research team from Columbia University have worked on dermatology. Initially, they focused on developing a molecular taxonomy for hair disorders. The taxonomy will be useful for diagnostic sequencing of patients with diseases affecting their hair follicles. It will also improve the characterization of hair follicle biology and pave the way for new precision medicine treatments for hair diseases.