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Health care reveals the Wonder Woman of preconception care

Health care might have found its Wonder Woman . She can identify health risks in young African-American women and help them successfully resolve those risks. She is engaging, empathetic, culturally competent, and extremely knowledgeable in preconception care. And soon, her advice will be available at any time to participants in a new study at Boston Medical Center meant to overcome factors that are detrimental to black women's health, like time and resources.

Dengue Virus Blocker: Field trials outperformed lab experiments

The history of medicine is filled with treatments and vaccines that worked beautifully under test conditions in the lab but failed for unexpected reasons when put out to wider trial. So it's a bit of a shock when something actually works better in the “real world” than in the laboratory, but that's what happened when a dengue fever prevention mechanism got tested in Vietnam.

Patients have an important role in shaping kidney disease

In an effort to provide patients the opportunity to share practical health consumer perspectives, the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN) is including Patient Voice editorials that will accompany certain journal articles. In the first editorial, Paul T. Conway, a past recipient of the ASN President's medal, highlights 2 CJASN articles that focus on patient comprehension of how treatments align with their individual interests.

FDA Approves First 7T MRI System for Clinical Use in U.S.

The US Food and Drug Administration cleared the first seven tesla (7T) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device, more than doubling the static magnetic field strength available for use in the United States. The Magnetom Terra is the first 7T MRI system cleared for clinical use in the United States.