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New Optical Imaging Tool to Assess Detailed Brain Activity

A new optical brain-imaging tool, the Imagent, provides a never-before-seen look inside the head using lasers and photodetectors. The non-invasive tool estimates and measures infrared light which is projected into the brain and the frequency at which it exists, providing a picture of brain activity and blood flow at the same time.

Promising treatment to reduce brain injury in babies

Hypoxia-ischemia is a serious complication in which restricted blood flow deprives the brain of oxygen. The lack of oxygen levels results into brain injury and its consequences gradually affects the entire lifespan and sternness ranges from mild to severe. A maternal/placental problem, such as placental abruption or cord prolapse, can cause complications during or before birth. Fetal/newborn issues, such as asphyxia due to labor difficulties, infection, and fetal-maternal bleeding or twin-to-twin transfusion can also cause complications.

Bryostatin 1: A Promising cure against Dangerous Diseases

Scientists isolated a drug, bryostatin 1, from a marine pest that had the potential for treating some of the world's dangerous diseases. But, the quantity of the drug produced from the feathery sea creatures was insufficient. However, the researchers had found a simpler and more efficient method to extract the compound increasingly in the lab.

Anabolic Androgenic Steroids Linked with Early Coronary Artery Disease

" Anabolic androgenic steroid abuse among young people is a widespread problem, and adverse events such as sudden cardiac death and heart attack have been reported in athletes ," said Francis Ribeiro, the lead author of the study. I have added, "In Brazil, around one million people have used anabolic androgenic steroids at least once, and they are the most commonly used drug in the country."

Identification of Critical Research Strategies and Interventions for Children and Adolescent HIV

Important research agendas required to improve testing and treatment of children and youngsters with HIV were presented at the 9th International Aids Society (IAS) Conference on HIV Science in Paris. At present HIV testing and treatment rates are lesser for children than adults. Less than 50% of children who had been exposed to HIV were tested by the suggested age of two months and less than 50% had admitted to antiretroviral therapy.

Ovarian cancer diagnosis: New blood test developed

The power of artificial intelligence was used to the maximum to develop a new technique to detect Ovarian Cancer early and accurately. The researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute conducted the study. They have identified a network of circulating microRNAs that are associated with risk of ovarian cancer, which could be detected from a blood sample. The study outcomes are published in eLife.

Study Reveals Why Testicular Cancer is More Susceptible to Chemotherapy Even after Metastasis

The testicular stem cells are more sensitive to chemotherapy than other cells in a tumour, which explains why there is the complete recovery of testicular cancer with conventional therapy even after it has spread to lungs and brain. A new study published in the recent issue of the journal Cell Reports shows that testicular cancer cells are more responsive to chemotherapy. The similar effectiveness observed with testicular cancer even after it metastasizes.